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Abalone Pearl peony, coral early peony. Abalone Pearl: One of the early bloomers in the spring garden, this semi-double hybrid features soft coral-pink petals surrounding a center of sunshine yellow. The mature plant will reach 32 inches in height with no staking needed. (Kreckler 1978)


Coral Charm is a coral colored semi-double peony. Coral Charm: A classic in the making, this bright coral-colored, semi-double is becoming a must have for gardeners and florists. The bowl-shaped flowers feature petals of a unique pink that carry undertones of peach set off by a center of gold stamens. The color softens as the blossoms age. It’s an early bloomer on tall stems of about 38 inches. An American Peony Society Gold Medal winner in 1986. (Wissing 1964)


Coral Fay peony Coral Fay: Has the most finely cut foliage of all the corals due to the fernleaf parent used in its breeding. The semidouble blooms  are of the bright, shocking pink color of coral hybrids. Stems are about 30 inches in height.


Coral N Gold Coral N Gold: This easy-to-grow, large flowed hybrid features rose-coral colored single to semi-double blooms that have yellow centers. It's 36-inch strong stems helped earn it the American Peony Society's Landscape Merit award. (Cousins)
photo courtesy of Solaris Farms


Coral Sunset is a coral colored semi-double peony. Coral Sunset: A show stopper in the garden. Huge, semi-double blooms crown the tops of thick stems that can reach up three feet in height. The ruffled petals add to the glory of the large blooms, which start out a brilliant coral and mature to a blush cream color, resulting in a plant with a multi-color display. It's not only an APS Gold Medal Award winner but also earned the group's Award of Landscape Merit. (Wissing/C. Klehm 1981)


Coral Supreme peony picture Coral Supreme: This hybrid semi-double to double has perhaps the fullest blooms of all the corals with more of a salmon coloration to its petals than Coral Charm. This vigorous grower blooms early on 36-inch stems enhanced with healthy foliage. (Samuel Wissing 1981)


Momotaro Peach Boy Momotaro/Peach Boy: A most unusual intersectional featuring peach to cream colored single flowers on sturdy 30-inch stems. It's name comes from a popular hero of Japanese folklore. (Anderson/Seidl)
photo courtesy of Solaris Farms

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Pink Hawaiian Coral peony picture Pink Hawaiian Coral: A standout performer among the coral peonies, this semi-double peony will hold its blooms high on 36-inch stems so its triple rows of soft coral and salmon pink petals can draw attention from a distance. Foliage stays neat and attractive throughout the season. Plants are easy to establish and vigorous. It has earn both the Gold Medal and Landscape Merit awards from the American Peony Society. (Roy Klehm 1981)


Salmon Dream peony picture Salmon Dream: Gorgeous pale salmon-pink, semi-double flowers sit atop stout 32-inch stems on this early season hybrid. The flowers are a slightly flattened in shape with the petals displaying a satin sheen as they surround around a center of bright yellow anthers and filaments. The plant’s shape is compact and foliage is glossy green. (Reath 1979)


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